Search Options

True executive search is a time-intensive, relationship-based process that is more art than science. At Cyrus Hall we offer 3 options for our professional recruiting service. Your choice ultimately depends on your level of comfort and experience with executive recruiting in general and with Cyrus Hall specifically.

Contingency: fees are due only after you, the client, have hired a candidate presented by Cyrus Hall. You of course review resumes, interview candidates, and receive our input and assessment as well. If you hire a candidate found through other avenues, you owe Cyrus Hall nothing.

Retained: fees are payable in three installments along the following schedule: 1/3 upon initiating the search, 1/3 upon the presentation of two viable candidates for the position, and 1/3 upon extension and acceptance of an offer. Retained search assignments receive priority attention at Cyrus Hall and are recommended for senior management and confidential or sensitive searches.

Customized contracts: Cyrus Hall can tailor a program specifically suited to your multi-hire and longer-term needs. Such arrangements include semi-annual, annual, multi-year and quantity-specific agreements.